Nick Greaves

2012 Update This season I will be training guides at Ruaha River Lodge up until the start of the 'Season' in June 2012.

This should see the cessation of the 'Big Rains' and the onset of the dry season when the game viewing starts to improve as the vegetation starts to dry and die back. Though the rains started slowly in Ruaha they came with a vengeance in mid-December and everywhere is a verdant green and the wildlife has dispersed away from the river and the only watering points available.

From June onwards I will be running the Wilderness Camp in the far West of Tanzania. This remote and beautiful Park is off the beaten track but well worth the effort to visit for those who want something 'special'. Ideal as a stop off for visiting Mahale and its Chimpanzees and Lake Tanganyika in general, Katavi boasts a wildlife spectacle in its own rights. Famous for its huge herds of free roaming Cape Buffalo and other herds that favour the vast open flood plains are the Topi, Eland and Roan antelopes as well as large gatherings of Elephant and Hippopotamus. Sightings of large predators are common and the place has a staggering variety of birdlife at all times of the year.

The 'Low Season' is the best time of the year for birders as the mixture of Palaearctic and intra-Africa migrants will mesmerise the beginner and specialist twitcher alike. Katavi is also famous for its crocodile caves where many of these giant reptiles seek refuge as the rivers dry up towards the end of the year.