After a good rainy season the park has much more water than at this time last year. The Katuma River crossing to the Ikuu airstrip is still un-fordable whereas it was crossable in early July last year.

The floodplains have a lot of water and green grass much later than last year which certainly is great for the vast herds of buffalo that are a feature of Katavi. Hippos are still well dispersed along the river and will probably have a short period of concentrating in the remaining seeps along the Katuma as things dry out. This will of course depend on the start of the rains.

Giraffe are starting to become regular visitors to the Katisunga floodplain as the cotton soils dry out and the footing is more secure under-foot. Elephant are regularly seen as they avoid the road construction areas along the western boundary of the Park. Tanapa rangers have had to do a lot more anti-poaching work this year as poaching is more evident in these areas where the work takes place under the supervision of Chinese work crews.

The Katuma Pride has four new cubs. All surviving the first 2 months but their trials and tribulations of the early stages of survival will be closely monitored. A photo of one of the youngsters is on the Katavi Gallery update.

Guests have been particularly lucky with leopard sightings this season and one young male is particularly bold and inquisitive and has offered many great photo opportunities. Again photos are added to the Katavi gallery.

So all goes well and Katavi remains to be a very, very special place to visit. Hope to see you!