The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit from the University of Oxford has launched a Predator Census in the Ruaha National Park and the surrounding environs. At last the work will help TANAPA establish population trends for the major carnivores in one of Tanznias main National Parks. (Its the countries second largest Park!).


The project, run under the auspices of WILDCRU, is headed by Amy Dickman, who has years of experience working with predators around Africa. The Project will be trying to establish population dynamics and trends in Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Spotted Hyena and Cape Hunting Dog.

Visitors to Ruaha are requested to fill in short Sighting Forms that can be handed in at the Park Entrance gate or the Lodges they are staying at. Such information and hopefully photographs of the animals sighted will greatly help this project to establish a base line that future research can be based on.

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