Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to visit Uganda and had a tremendous safari experience in this beautiful and highly varied country. It is a point worth mentioning how friendly the people of Uganda are despite the hardships they have suffered over the decades owing to the rule of despots such as Amin and Obote. More recent problems in the NE of the country with the insurgence of rebels from the Lords Resistance Army has added to the misery of many. The long-suffering people of Uganda have risen above this adversity and are enjoying a stability they had been too long deprived of.

My guide was Pascal Jobogo, Congolese by birth, but currently basing his operations out of Uganda. Pascal is a trained Cordon Bleu chef and ran an excellent mobile tented safari that was friendly, cheerful and run in a most professional manner.

After my introduction to the rainforest of Gabon, Uganda was for the most part more like the Bushveld back home in Southern Africa and the wildlife mostly similar. The birdlife was exceptional in its variety and concentrations and I was lucky enough to see several rare and unique species, including the bizarre Shoebill.

But it was the primate experiences that were the main attraction and after the lack of contact with gorillas in Gabon the experience in Bwindi was a life-time achievement. Chimpanzee treks on two occassions resulted in memorable encounters with our closest living relatives.

I will be returning to Uganda soon and hope to link up with Pascal in putting regular safaris to the area so more visitors can enjoy the creatures and people of the Great Lakes region.