Nick Greaves and Apollo KataviAfter meeting Pascal in Uganda, we will be linking our expertise by running trips to Uganda, Rwanda and hopefully in the future the Congo, with the mountain gorilla and chimpanzee hiking experiences being the main attraction.

Pascal has formed his own safari company Agencie Jobogo, or AJ Tours to make it easier. The link below will get you onto the company website for more details of trips, information, schedules and costs.For those wishing to put a group together and/or having a dedicated guide to accompany them from start to finish I will be available to accompany such parties.
The trip to Uganda and Rwanda is a highly professional operation and covers a fascinating range of habitats and ecosystems. The variety makes the region unique and covers the tropical serenity of islands on Lake Victoria, Chimpanzee trekking in several National Parks, safaring and wildlife viewing in Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks. Scenic wonders such as the mighty Murchison Falls on the River Nile and the Impenetrable Forest, one of the Ugandan homes of the rare and critically endangered Mountain Gorilla. Extension trips into Rwanda and more gorilla experiences in the Parc National des Volcans, the place where Dianne Fossey started the habitiuation and research into these magnificent gentle giants.
Rwanda also offers other safari experiences for those wanting something out of the ordinary. The entire region is a birding Mecca and anyone who has visitied the region will be amazed at the variety and profusion. Waterbirds along the many river systems thrive and it is one of the best places to see the rare and unique, the endemic and the regional migrant. My first trip was strewn with 'lifers' such as the strange Shoebill and the dapper Black Bee-Eater. It is a place to make a 'twitcher' out of the most indifferent.
Our long term objective will be to start taking trips into the Congo (DRC), as this country stabalises after the first ever democratic elections held at the end of last year things resume normality and the beleagured population start to realise the fruits of democracy eco-tourism will be one of the first ways deprived communities will be able to build new lives. National Parks such as Kahuzi-Biega are unique in that they have been able to maintain habituated family groups of both Eastern Lowland Gorillas and Mountain Gorillas in one Park. Other areas include the Okapi Reserve in the legendary Ituri Rain Forest, home to the rare and elusive Okapi, the forest dwelling relative of the Giraffe.
The Rwenzorwi National Park is an area of exceptional beauty and superb hiking potential. Semliki National Park is watered by rivers that flow from these 'Mountains of the Moon'. Our hope is that when security improves, which it is doing, tours will be able to visit these places of legend and fable. Keep watching this space!