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Update 2020.


As the Corvid-19 Pandemic swept the planet early in the year the changes to ordinary life manifested itself in may ways. The Tourism Industry was one of the hardest hit sectors in the Global Economy. We wait to see how and when some form of normalcy returns to travel and the public's ability to have vacations and visits other parts of the world.

Many Africa countries have economies reliant on tourism from the international community and a lot of side-effects will soon become apparent, and not just on employment and local economies. One of the recent tragic symptoms has been an increase in poaching, mainly for bushmeat, but the temptation to hunt for the commercial and illegal markets will be on the increase.

The recent murder of a Mountain Gorilla Silverback in Bwindi, Uganda is evidence that the activity is ion the up. The impact of ever-increasing Chinese influence in Africa will maintain a demand for ivory, pangolin scales, rhino horn, sea-cucumbers and many other products. The Wildlife of Africa will need tourism to develop quickly to avoid a cataclysmic up-surge in poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.


Training for Foxes African Safaris


Unfortunately the lock-down came into effect literally days before I was due to travel to Tanzania and start this years three month training course for the Foxes African Safaris guiding staff. That combined with extremely heavy rains and widespread flooding means safari camps in many areas of the country were damaged and even destroyed. Hopefully start-up will be soon and these vital destinations can provide the income for supporting employees, local communities and Government coffers to fund conservation efforts. I hope that the training can be resumed next season.


For updates on booking safaris to Southern Tanzania visit

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Visit to Uganda.


In February this year I made a quick visit to Uganda to see my old friend Jobogo Matondo Pascal and visit the camp he is now constructing in the community area at Kasenyi Village, an enclave in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda. His camp, called Euphorbia Safari Lodge is centred around a spectacular large thatched Dining and Reception area and family units are available close at hand. Work is continuing to develop the project as a comfortable and affordable family destination set in the heart of one of Uganda’s prime wildlife areas.


Euphorbia Safari Lodge is situated on a ridge overlooking Lake George just before it wenters the Kazinga Channel. Wildlife abounds in the area and it is closely linked with Community Based projects at Kasenyi village. Walking Safaris and boating trips can be arranged with trained local guides. Trips into the nearby Lake Bunyampaka crater lake where the local co-operative harvest salt evaporated from the highly sodic waters. This is also a great venue for birding especially species such a flamingo who love these demanding waters for their algal food. The Lodge is ideal for self-drive or guided A J Tours drives into the National Park with experienced guides, as the National Park is literally on your doorstep. See the Photo folio in the portfolio section.


Euphorbia Logo


For details about Euphorbia contact Pascal or Andrew either through his A J Tours offices in Kampala

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.