The new season is now well underway and guests to Foxes Wildlife Camp in Katavi are getting some great sightings. The last rainy season was a good one and the Katuma River is still quite high so we will not be fording the river to the Ikuu airstrip for at least another month.

The mbuga’s (floodplains) are still full of water and offer quality grazing for the large herds of buffalo, hence they are often out of sight but we have had a lot of lion hunting in the vicinity of camp. The Katuma Pride has 2 cubs of about 2 ½ months and Joseph, the pride male was mating with one of the females in the past few days. Amazingly the old female is still with us. She must be ancient and looks it!

The four young males from the Chada pride have moved out of the pride as they are well into their third year. The three brothers still hang around together and will become a formidable coalition. One of the Chada Pride females has three young cubs of about 2 months.

Just lately we have been getting some great leopard sightings and the new photos in the gallery can attest to that fact.

So all looks good for a great season, especially when we finally get the new family bandas completed!