When lion Could FlyWhen Lion Could Fly: And Other Tales from Africa By Nick Greaves

Over thirty fascinating stories from African folklore and mythology about the animals of the grasslands and rainforest, with fact files about each creature and maps showing their distribution. Illustrated by Rod Clement.

ISBN-10: 0718828879 ISBN-13: 9780718828875 Specifications: 230x180mm, 144pp, Hardback with colour and b&w illustrations

Publication: September 1993

About this Book

When Lion Could Fly is just one of over 30 stories from folklore and mythology about African animals and other creatures native to the grasslands and rainforests. Handed down by word of mouth through generations of tribal life in a dozen sub-Saharan African tribes, these tales reflect the extraordinarily close relationship that existed between man and animals who lived in very close proximity for centuries.

Nick Greaves, who lives in Zimbabwe, has studied the traditional animal stories from different tribes from many parts of the continent. In this book, a follow-up to his highly successful When Hippo Was Hairy, he records the best: there are tales about Lion, Jackal, Tortoise, Mongoose, Monkey, Porcupine, Aardvark and even Dung Beetle. Some are amusing, some sad, all compelling, and in recording them, he has preserved them forever as well providing a fascinating picture of a land and its people.

As vivid as the stories themselves are Rod Clement’s brilliant and detailed paintings of each animal in its natural habitat. Each story is illustrated by his sketches and after the story itself there is factual information about the animal’s habits, lifespan and size, with distribution maps showing where they live.

The book is aimed at a wide age group from about six up to early teenage. It will entertain, inform and above all make children aware of cultures and landscape so different from their own.

Africa is facing its gravest threat yet - overpopulation. Deforestation and other ecological disasters caused by ‘development programmes’ further exacerbate the situation. This book will help show the younger generation the beauty and diversity of what we have inherited and the importance of preserving it.

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Reviews and Comments

"The language is clear and the illustrations are colourful and lively. It is informative, giving the children a moral in many stories, a good insight into African wildlife and many facts to expand their knowledge and horizons." Somerset Children’s Book Review

"The writer combines animal tales from African folklore with fascinating facts about animals native to Africa’s grasslands and rainforests." Life Free Press