When Hippo Was HairyWhen Hippo Was Hairy By Nick Greaves

Thirty-six tribal stories from Africa about the animals that occupy the plains and forests, bringing to life Africa's rich heritage of folklore and mythology. Includes brief fact-files for all the animals described. Illustrated by Rod Clement.

ISBN-10: 0718828224 ISBN-13: 9780718828226 Specifications: 220x172mm, 144pp, Paperback with colour and b&w illustrations

Publication: October 1990

About this Book

When Hippo Was Hairy is just one of the thirty-six fascinating stories about African animals in this imaginative book. The folklore and mythology of the African people have been handed down by word of mouth through generations of tribal life. In a land which, until very recently, teemed with the richest wildlife in the world, people and animals lived for centuries in close proximity to one another, and came to know and understand each other intimately. African folk tales reflect this special relationship.

Nick Greaves, who lives in Zimbabwe, has studied the traditional animal stories of different tribes from many parts of the continent. In this book he records some of the best. There are tales about Lion, Cheetah, Hyena, Elephant, and many others. Some are humorous, some sad, but all make compelling reading. Not only do they preserve for all time Africa's animal folklore, they also provide a fascinating, vivid, exciting picture of a land and its people.

Each animal has been painted in brilliant detail and colourful, realistic style by Rod Clement, and nearly every story is illustrated by his lively sketches. After the stories about each animal, there is factual information about the animal’s habits, lifespan, size, gestation period and other useful and interesting details. This is complemented by a map of Africa showing where the animal still lives today.

This is a unique book of stories, paintings and facts about one of the world's great heritages - the wildlife of Africa - presented in a way that will entertain all ages and tastes and, hopefully, help to preserve that heritage too.

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About the Author

Nick Greaves was born and educated in England, where he studied geology and environmental sciences before leaving to work in southern Africa. His work as a geologist took him to many of the remote and unspoiled regions of south Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. There he developed a lasting fascination for the wildlife and its varied, often fragile habitat.


Rod Clement was born in 1961 and has lived in Papua New Guinea, as well as his native Australia where he now lives on the north coast of New South Wales. He has illustrated many children’s books, and has won many awards for his portraits.